Life as a Homesteading Writer

Here I will give my advice and critique on various agriculture and book-related content. I give garden and homesteading advice and share recipes!


  • Best Fruit Trees (How to choose the right one for you)
    When I was younger, my father and I always discussed planting him as a fruit tree when he passed away. He passed away this year and while I knew he wanted to be a tree, I really could not decide which tree.  I mean, how do you pick the best fruit trees to plant?  I […]
  • How easy is it to raise chickens? (How to raise chickens for free)
    Disclaimer: Some of the products listed below I have an affiliate link to. This does not reflect on their quality! With backyard homesteading on the rise, chickens have become one of the most popular livestock to have! This is due to their versatility, size, and ability to produce a sustainable protein source.  When I was […]
  • 7 Easiest Vegetables Anybody Can Grow! (Victory Garden Approved)
    Disclaimer: Some products listed below I have an affiliate link for. This in no way sways my views on them! When I was younger, I always struggled with growing vegetable gardens. Not sure if it was the soil, my knowledge, or if I just was not taking care of it, but my gardens forever sucked. […]

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