Themes in “We Are All the Same in the Dark” by Julia Heaberlin and Review

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Honestly, I did not know exactly what to expect when I chose to listen to We Are All the Same in the Dark by Julia Heaberlin. I decided to listen to it on a whim while at work and well, it did not disappoint.

Heaberlin wrote this piece beautifully and the suspense really kept me on my toes. Unlike many other thrillers, this one was not a cliche like many others I have read.

Spoiler Alert: I may be discussing plot points below!

We start with Wyatt who honestly, I wish we had more of. His character development was beautiful and hearing him talk to Trumanel was amazing. The way he coped with Trumanel was amazing and how everyone treated him due to this.

I wish his chapters were much longer than they were or that we saw more from him. He was truthfully one of my favorite male characters that I have read lately.

Odette was not my favorite, but honestly, that is probably because Angel stole the show. Angels character depth really did it for me especially at the end. The way she develops from a scared child to a young woman helping find Odette and the truth really felt beautiful to me.

Odette really had an impact on her. I felt as though it was a sense of trauma bonding as Angel came during a terrible time in her life. The way she saw things really depicted a girl who had to grow up too fast.

The depiction of a small town was done perfectly and honestly, this book will probably forever stick with me.

If you like suspenseful books that can be a little bit of a slow burn, this one is for you!


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