Hi! I’m Virginia Montgomery!

I write for various agriculture-related media companies; you can find me in magazines such as Countryside and GRIT!

When I am not writing or reading, I am either cooking or gardening. I love sharing literary meaning from various books I am reading and showing others different views on agriculture.

Join me for agriculture, literature, and my homemaking experience.

I am a big fan of regenerative agriculture and other forms in that category. I dream of one day owning a large homestead with my three kids and husband.

Oh. . .and have like forty goats.

My Mission

Honestly, I would love to share my hope for a more eco-friendly future. We hope to one day go completely off-grid and would love to integrate all of those practices into our day-to-day lives. I’m also the author of Half of This is Fake

My History

I grew up around the idea of agriculture. I never really had a name for it until middle school. We had friends who raised chickens and owned farms and I was fascinated by farming. When I entered middle school, I fell in love with dairy farming and showed dairy goats, chickens, and rabbits in 4-H and FFA for almost ten years. Now, I am a mother and hope to integrate those loves into my children.