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How to Successfully Market Your Small Farm

Learning to successfully market a farm is the main frame to running a full-time farm. This is because without the customers to purchase from you, your farm is doomed. Many small farms fail. It is an honest and painful fact that many do not. Marketing your farm is a key way to help gain the […]

5 Best Products Every Homesteader Should Have!

With spring, it has been a while since I posted anything. Since then, I have learned so much between working at a feed store and a microgreen facility that I feel confident when I tell you, I know what you really need to start a homestead successfully.  Here are the best of the best products […]

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Hi, I’m Virginia! By day, I am an SEO content writer for a local company; by night I write whatever I want. From books to agriculture-based content, I love it all. I love reading and finding deeper, more complex meanings within the written text!

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