When Should I Prepare My Garden for Planting? 

This question here is one I get SO often. I always tell people just like you to start. . .well, yesterday. 

The best time to prepare your garden was yesterday. 

I hate to tell you that. That doesn’t mean do not start today! Here I will discuss ways to prepare your garden for the upcoming spring planting season!

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When can I plant a garden?

This is dependent on where you live. Checking resources like the USDA for more information and pinpointing your zone is important to help decide when you can plant.

Usually, we are in zone 9 begin planting beginning in January. We either start seeds indoors or plant more frost-hardy plants outside. Gardening is a lot of unexpected. We may have a late frost that kills all your plants once you harden them off outside. 

It is the unexpected in gardening that draws many of us into it. This makes deciding when to plant your garden difficult.

Understanding your overall garden area is the most important thing you can do to decide your next steps. Many just want to jump right in with barely any research.

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How to prepare my garden to plant in the spring

Spring is a wonderful season for planting your garden. Many start wondering, well how do I prepare my garden for spring?

There are a few steps you should do to ensure your garden is ready for spring!

  1. Research any upcoming frosts
  2. Amend your soil
  3. Decide what to plant and where to plant

The research will be your best friend as a gardener. Planning can help in the long run in optimizing the amount of food you get for your little space. 

Soil amending with things like bone meal and compost is important! Do not skip this step. This is because healthy soil from the start can make or break your growing season!

Planning where to plant can help by lessening the number of pests your garden may see. It can also increase your harvest!

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How do I prepare my garden for fall planting

Like with any season, the steps are similar. The only real difference in fall is the need for cold covers potentially. 

Be prepared to cover plants during frostier nights to help extend your growing season. Another important consideration is planting any bulbs for the next spring. Many bulbs like to be planted early fall and lie dormant until spring!

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Being prepared is important in gardening; however, it is more important to have a plan within that preparation. 

Plan out your garden well before time to start planting. This can help set you up for success

Happy Planting!

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