How do you start a garden for beginners?

With spring quickly approaching, many of us veteran gardeners are planning our gardens. But for those who have never gardened before, this may seem like a large feat.

You may be asking, how do you start a garden for beginners?

Well, starting a garden is much easier than it seems and here I will break it down.

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Choosing a location

Choosing the right garden location is the biggest decision you can make. You need to make sure that your garden location has good sunlight and is safe from being destroyed.

Another factor to consider is the proximity of your garden to your house. I love considering permaculture and other types when I pick my layout. Since you will be visiting your garden daily, it is best to put it close to your house.

Keeping your garden close to your house helps make those daily trips. Walking a garden daily is important to make sure everything is growing right. This allows you as the gardener to look for various things that are going wrong such as pests or diseases.

Planning your set up

Making sure you have a plan on the layout of your garden is important for many reasons. Firstly, it allows you to plan how many plants you will need for your garden. It also allows you to decide on what companion plants you will be planting along with your other plants.

Plants such as marigold are wonderful at detering pests from your vegetables!

Another important consideration is if you will be building raised beds, no-till gardening, or another method. Each application has their own benefits.

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No-till gardening

No-till gardening is great for the lazy gardener. This method helps to support the microorganism life inside your soil. You layer organic material onto your planting site and just plant into it. This method only improves the soil over time!

The Living Soil Handbook: The No-Till Grower’s Guide to Ecological Market Gardening is a wonderful book on this method!

Raised garden beds

A tried and true method and most people love this due to the easier nature of it. A downfall of it is how expensive it can be. There are ways to mitigate the cost, however.

Starting your seeds

Seed starting is a lower cost way of growing vegetables. Making sure you plant them in the right growing medium is important for good germination rates. I personally love using peat moss!

Peat moss makes a good growing medium due to its ability to holding onto water better. It is also relatively inexpensive when purchased from places such as Lowes or Home Depot.

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Enjoy the season

From this point forward, just enjoy the garden. Once those plants go into the ground, learning to love your garden is key to a successful garden!

Often, we find ourselves focusing on everything but what we enjoy. So plant the purple carrots, try the crazy variety, and most of all, love the garden!

Happy planting!